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It all started in 7th grade, when I was handed my first SLR camera. I spent countless hours exploring different settings, views, and angles, slowly developing my own photograhic style.  After a class which taught me how to develop my own shots, I was hooked! I loved having the ability to harness memories; I loved being able to share my perspetive and capture events for all to see. As time and technology progressed, I learned the value of digital photogaphy. I learned how to use photoshop to enhance filters, vignettes and special effects. I bought a new DSLR camera, a bunch of lens', and got to work. I was in grad school when I started this business. I took some time off after graduating to get my feet on the ground, but am now back to doing what I love.

Nothing has been more rewarding. Being able to document some of the most cherished memories for my clients, in a permanent format that they can hold on to, and share with their friends and  loved-ones, is nothing short of magical. 

Such an incredible feeling it is working with people to bring to life an image of a moment captured  time. So that is my story, but I am here to tell YOUR story, whatever that may be....

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"Photography is a

love affair with life"

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