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About Me

My Story...

Animal Lover. Wannabe Athlete. Bug-Phobic. Cheap Wine Aficionado. Total Romantic.

I believe a picture is worth way more than a thousand words. I know the sea heals better than time ever will. I love to travel but am just as happy staying in and lounging with my pets.  Speaking of pets, I trust dogs' opinions more than my own opinion.  I prefer my pizza cold. Cleaning is my therapy. Nothing is more fun than singing and dancing, (although I'm pretty bad at both.)

My style of photography is focused in a photo journalistic / documentary style. I aim to preserve candid emotions and raw reactions that occur throughout the shoot. Movement. Life. Of course throughout the shoot we will also create more traditional, posed, images as well, not only because they're nice to have, but because they're a great starting point during the session.

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About David

His Story...

High School Sweetheart. Husband. Obsessed with equal parts Exotic Cars & Cats.

He prefers the Jersey Shore's off-season. He is a scotch drinker. All of this favorite foods are some combination of bread and cheese. And he is amazingly talented with still photography.

David joins me for wedding events as my second photographer, although "second" isn't the best way to describe him or his photography. David got his start with photographing exotic cars, and as a result has a real eye for still photography. While I aim to capture all of the human interactions, David focuses primarily on every material detail of your wedding from the shoes and rings, to the table decorations. David also of course provides a second set of eyes to keep the groom's party company ahead of the ceremony as they get ready, and to capture those must have moments such as the first kiss!